Oh, Daddy!

Yesterday I was referred to as DADDY on one of apps I use and at first I was a little amused because this was the first time I’d ever been called it – and then I actually thought it was quite a compliment!

Then today it happened again, a different person this time!

One thing I’ve discovered is that recently I’ve been getting a decent amount of attention from people who identify as submissive or subservient, not that this is a problem!

It’s certainly allowing me to bring out my dominant side which is a bonus!

I just wanted to record this in blog form really, I don’t really know what else to say…

I could say more, not everyone is going to want to know such things but having the authority and dominance during sex/play is kind of fun!


I may never blog about these things again, I may blog about them regularly, I’m not ashamed to talk openly about sex, a lot of people consider it taboo to do so, or get really shy about talking about it but its healthy to do so.

One of the contributing factors to this mindset I have nowadays is down to the awesome Savage Lovecast, so worth checking out!

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