2005 The Twinkleboi Diaries


Since I was 8 I remembered a song that was kinda ravey, and I could only remember the tune like “oooh oooh iii”, since then I had been searching and trying to find what the song was…in the end I gave up…then, last night I was downloading a Kate Bush video I stumbled onto Cloudbusting and was watching it and suddenly I heard that tune that had been in my head for 12 years, I kept playing it back over and over, and then tried to find other mixes of the song with no luck….I was almost ready to give up, thinking that it was probably something rare that I’d never hear again, then I typed into Google “Kate Bush samples cloudbusting”, had a look around and stumbled onto a webpage about a group called Utah Saints, I was at the point of switching off when “ooh ooh ii” caught my eye, then I read the article, Utah Saints used the Kate Bush sample and pitched it up and down to get the effect, UTAH SAINTS, and with the info I set about finding the tune, Got It! and haven’t stopped listening to it yet.

The grin on my face hasn’t gone yet!

I’m trying to do some music using samples and stuff at the moment, seems to be the year for sampling music!!

Nite x

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