My Opinions on WWE Royal Rumble 2015

As a long time wrestling fan and supporter of all things WWE, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed at how the Royal Rumble pay-per-view went from strength to strength and then suddenly took a nosedive into predictability.

I though that the matches leading up to the Rumble were strong.

The tag team championship match was well executed and although I cannot stand the Miz, I enjoyed it, it goes to show if the match is decent and even if you don’t like one of the participants, you can still enjoy a match if it’s done well.

I loved the Diva’s tag match too, it was a favourable length and it kept me hooked throughout, Paige and Nattie work so well together and the Bella Twins have improved so much since the days of “Twin Magic”, each of them with their own style, both in wrestling style and how they look.


The title match was good, a little predictable in places but Seth Rollins’ high-risk manoeuvres really made it intense viewing.

Brock Lesnar doing 1000+ suplexes however, was a little off-putting as it reminded me of how I used to play wrestling games on my old PlayStation, repeating the same move over and over until I would win, my brother hated me for doing it then and now I’m hating on Brock for doing it for real!

It was impressive the first time he did it, but it quickly became boring seeing the same move used repeatedly!

Then the pièce de résistance – The Royal Rumble Match.

To kick things off was the Miz…*sigh* and then R-Truth, don’t get me wrong, R-Truth is great in-ring but his whole character is stale.

Then BUBBA RAY DUDLEY *shocked face*

I loved seeing him return, I was taken back to the glory days of the Tag Team division and had the stupidest grin on my face.

Then things started to get slightly boring as Bray started throwing people out and dominating the match…I don’t want to make this a play-by-play account of the match, but I knew about halfway through that Roman Reigns was going to win.

In, Out, In, Out, You Shake It All About.

Now, I like Roman, but I don’t think it was his time to be Main Eventing at WrestleMania, not yet.

The one thing I struggle with in any form of televised wrestling is predictability, if you aren’t surprised or if you know/think you can the outcome of something, it takes away part of that enjoyment which you just cannot fake, a way of describing the feeling is if you were all set to watch the finale of one of your favourite shows and then you stumble upon a spoiler, it takes away the important element.

I’m not saying make EVERYTHING unpredictable, but if week after week we as fans can guess the outcome, we’re soon going to wonder why we are watching.

I recently signed up for the WWE Network and have been spending hours watching the documentaries and learning a few things that I didn’t know along the way and the Royal Rumble was the first PPV that I watched on the network itself, not the best way to start the network off in the UK, but unlike other people I will not be cancelling my subscription, not yet, as a fan, you support the things you love, through good and bad.

After Brock ended the streak at WrestleMania I thought I was done with wrestling then, I’m a HUGE Taker fan and part of my wrestling childhood died when that streak was beaten, but I stuck by the WWE, I hope they learn that people want things to change!

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