I want to take this opportunity to share all of my online and social media links because I’m fairly active all over and want to make sure you guys can follow me in different places.

Other Places

I’m considering moving my NSFW content to Twitter as a temporary thing but I also want to take this opportunity to share all of my online and social media links because I’m fairly active all over and want to make sure you guys can remain in my life in some way ☺️


Up until recently I haven’t been too active on Twitter but I feel like that might change if I start using it temporarily for my NSFW content, but we shall see.


I’m fairly active and responsive on Instagram, it’s one of my favourite places to share things, I’m often answering people’s questions on there too which I really enjoy as well as sharing my life a little more too.


This is my Facebook page so I tend to link to things I’ve posted online here as much as possible, I do have a personal Facebook too but I’m not putting the link to it publicly, just shoot me a message and ask if you want it.


There’s about 400 videos of mine on my YouTube channel and although I’ve had somewhat of a hiatus from YouTube I’m definitely planning to start making videos again soon.


I think we all know what Snapchat is used for, I’m not going to insult your intelligence 😉


I love Telegram, it’s just like WhatsApp but it’s cross platform so I can pick up my messages wherever I am, I strongly suggest using Telegram, it’s fun and easy to chat! Message me ☺️


If you want to see the kind of music I listen to and the playlists I make, come and find out!


As people keep asking, no content yet but I’m considering it 😏😈

New Projecthttp://thechattybearspicnic.com

My new podcast which should be launching in the New Year, each episode will be myself and a guest or guests, can’t wait until I get the first episode done!

WhatsApp – obviously I’m not going to post my number online, that would be super stupid of me but if you do want to chat on WhatsApp, drop me a message with your number in 😊


Feel free to email me if that’s your thing 😊


Not entirely sure if the link for iMessage works but if not, just send an iMessage to my email address and I’ll get it!

I think I’ve covered all of the known social media links so I hope that I still get to have interactions with you guys going forward, it means a lot to me 😊

I’ve been asked by some in the past if there’s a way of supporting my content and I’ve been very cautious and aware about not being someone that requires that but as I’m wrapping up my Tumblr I thought I’d share a couple of different ways that you can show your support if you want to.


Amazon Wishlisthttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/15O8KGQWCUXAH

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