Today I decided to get on the scales, I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant, I’ve been so naughty in regards to what I’ve been eating recently, I’ve had a couple of weeks off of work for my birthday and to be honest I’ve eaten like an absolute pig!

I’ve had birthday dinners and lunches, takeaways, nibbles and big breakfasts and now all of that has provided me with an extra 7 lbs of weight…ARRGGGHHH!

I’ve decided that once my time off from work is over, I shall be shifting my focus and finally focusing on shifting the weight (and some).

I want to lose at least 50 lbs to start, I’m going to ramp up my exercise by cycling a lot more and also making sure I don’t eat bad things regularly – I’ve blogged in the past about my weight but I’ve decided that I don’t want to be fat and 30 next year, I want to be fit and 30 next year.

For me, at the beginning of any mission to lose weight I struggle with the motivation, once I’ve managed to keep myself motivated I know I will be ok, but I do struggle at the start – do you have any tips to help motivation in this area?

I love to cycle as well, and being from Cambridge it’s a perfect place to get on my bike and shift the pounds.

I’m sure this won’t be the last blog on the subject of weight but I wanted to get it out there so that if I don’t stick to it, I can be held accountable for failing – sometime guilt is a great motivational tool!

9 thoughts on “Overabundance

  1. Nick Kent says:

    We are of similar minds here too, I want to lose weight starting next week. The difference is I won’t be cycling!

    • TDYLN says:

      Good luck with it 🙂 try walking if you can, even a little is better than none 🙂

      • I do try to walk more, mostly at weekends since I live 4.5 miles away from work.

        • TDYLN says:

          See I work a fair amount away from my work (15 miles) which I have cycled before but I think that would be too much straight away (30 miles a day), set diets work for some 🙂 just not me lol

  2. How will you modify your eating? I downloaded a book called 7lbs in 7 Days Plan by the Juice Master Jason Vale. Quite looking forward to trying it, it’ll detox me and help me to lose half a stone and start me on the way to changing my eating habits permanently.

    • TDYLN says:

      I’m going to try and avoid things like bread, dairy and eggs – bread is something I eat a lot of so I think that will make a difference.

      Also smaller portions and exercise too 🙂

      • My diet is dominated by bread, pasta and dairy, I haven’t a clue what to eat instead of them! That’s why I decided on this smoothie diet, you’re told what to eat so I am happy with that, of course I may not like what’s in the bloody smoothies! LOL

        • TDYLN says:

          Haha! I alway find a set diet almost impossible to follow!

          • I have never tried to follow a set diet so this will be a new experience for me!

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