I’ve not composed a post on here for a while and I’m not quite sure how to kickoff but I have this real sense of being overdue


I’ve not composed a post on here for a while and I’m not quite sure how to kickoff but I have this real sense of being overdue, although I don’t post to any kind of schedule, I just feel like the time is now to let my fingers and brain amalgamate into a blog-typing behemoth.

Lion and I attended BearBash, our friend’s wedding and London Pride earlier this year.

BearBash was brilliant, it was my 2nd BearBash and Lion’s 1st one – we spent 4 days in Manchester and got to see lots of awesome people, some we’d already seen and some we got to meet for the first time such as Mike, Oliver, Jack, Chris and a whole bunch of other people who I’m having trouble recalling at this time!

I was especially excited to meet Chris for the first time, having started speaking to him back in 2014, it was nice to finally meet such a lovely man!

In June we attended a wedding of our friend’s in Plymouth, we also used this time to have a little bit of a mini-holiday away, the weather was perfect, our hosts at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in were super welcoming and we got to spend a lot of time exploring and walking around.

We also got to join a gaggle of bears and went to the aquarium together which was really nice.

London Pride was a really nice day out, previously we’d walked in the parade with XXL, that was back in 2016, last year we were both incredibly unwell so we couldn’t attend, this year we decided to watch the parade with friends and then head into Soho for the evening, this is where we got to catch up with some of the people we’d got to know at BearBash a few months before and also getting to meet some faces known from the internet for the first time.

The journey home from London Pride was rather stressful as our first train was literally packed full with about 60-70 people wanting to get on, the following train was cancelled and eventually we got on a train that said it would be going to Cambridge but then the driver announced that it wouldn’t, and then we ended up stranded in Royston until the staff at the station made us aware that there was a train coming to take us to Cambridge, considering we’d left Soho at around 11pm to make sure we got home, we eventually got home at around 2:30am!

More recently I’ve documented the rehabilitation of my injured shoulder on IGTV and YouTube, it has been plaguing me since the end of May and I’m only starting to see a slight improvement since I’ve started following the exercises my physio gave me to follow.

I’ve had two appointments with my physio, the first one was at the end of July, this was when I got it properly examined and a routine created for me to follow until my next appointment which was this Tuesday, following on from that appointment I’ve had a few adjustments to my rehabilitation plan plus one new exercise.

All of this shoulder injury malarkey has caused a substantial amount of stagnation in my working life, for those of you maybe reading one of my blog posts for the first time, let me give you a bit of a “previously on TDYLN”.

Last September I started my journey on a trainee manager scheme with the company I currently work for, and up until May, everything had been going pretty well, I’ve gained a number of different qualifications for the role such as fitness instruction, life-guarding and pool plant operation.

However, due to the nature of my injury, I’m currently unable to carry out these roles, it’s very frustrating because at the time of writing this blog post, I’m currently back in a role I was doing before I started the scheme, and that feeling of not being able to move forward is suffocating me.

I also have this concern that I’ll risk injuring my shoulder again if and when my shoulder gets back to a normal state whilst having to carry out training and such.

So with that feeling of lost momentum, I decided to look for another job and I found something that I really like the sound of, I sent off my application and have been invited to an interview next week for the position, I’m both excited and nervous about the prospect of changing jobs but I do feel that I’m not going to move forward in my career unless I do something proactive and try to better myself and challenge myself – I’ll be sure to let you know of the outcome as soon as I know myself!

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