a post on gybo, now shared here

I was helping a mate doing a paper round using a friends bike, my shoelace got caught in the cogs and chain I went to stop using that foot couldn’t stop, no brakes and fell onto the newly gravelled road, resulting in my knee being split open to the bone, I screamed, fainted, came to, screamed again and fainted and then realised I couldn’t feel the actual injury, luckily!! I now have no feeling in the skin on top of my knee and the scar looks lovely and changes colour with the temperature 😀

other injuries…..I was about 12, and in the bath, and opened the talcum powder and squeezed it, resulting in breathing in talcum powder and almost blinding myself while suffering an asthma attack!!

and finally…

stood on a swing and grabbed the bar above and the bar span around, i fell and broke my arm right near the shoulder so it couldn’t be plastered 🙁


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