Today I got my final payment from hellhole, this included my previously taken holiday and week in lieu money and one and a half weeks untaken holiday pay, so this bitch is in serious money!! yay!! It’s come at a good time, as I previous mentioned what I needed to pay for recently.

Tried to call the hellhole card services number to pay off my balance today

“I’m sorry but we are experiencing a high volume of calls at present.”


“Hi, yeah but no but yeah, we’re at lunch yeah? and yeah? we ain’t wantin’ to talk to ya while we is eatin’ innit?”

So….I will call them tomorrow, they better bloody answer!!

Stumbled across this today, some extremely funny little video mixes of cillit bang and e-sure adverts

On the subject of adverts, I loooove the new Gameboy DS advert (poor dog!!)

Managed to sort out Windows XP camera and scanner uploading function (AT LAST!), it makes things sooo much easier, now I plug and click and it’s done, I didn’t manage to wake up early, lol (4pm), deary me!!

My brain is sooo unmusical at the moment, I want to create something wow-worthy 🙁 I’m sure something will come to me.

ciao peeps xxx


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