Gah! Work is sooo shite at the moment, so I think I’ll start off with a rant!
I work with a bunch of twats!! M, B, L, H being the main ones, I’ll explain!!

M is a total reject, I have never felt so much hate towards one person than M
He tries his best to exercise his “managerial” skills over me and to make my time at work difficult, me and many others at work think he’s a pretentious prick.

One question : What it like to be the most hated person at work?

B is a team leader (again), extremely self opinionated and constantly wrong!

Last year she was a team leader but after she was found out to be fiddling sales to achieve targets, she was dropped from her position and almost fired, so it’s totally beyond me why she has now returned to that position, I’ve heard of second chances but that is ridiculous!!

H is B’s sister, and although I do get on with her, I will never fully trust her!! I told her something regarding somebody at work in total confidence, 5 minutes later, confidence broken, secret told. Maybe it was the fact she was sleeping with him!! Ever since she opened her mouth, work hasn’t been easy!!

L is engaged to B and therefore they always stick up for one another, even when they’re wrong…which is quite often.

Enough about work!!!


I’ve started to learn pixel art, kind of like eboy and pixelfreak

I’ve only just started doing it so I know it’s only basic but I’m going to keep on working at it until I’m a master, lol!


I have been using the audiomulch synthesiser, it’s rather good and I’m learning how it all works.
I’ve also been working on a Bjork Oceania Remix EP, It’s the only track I like on her Medulla album!


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