Today we fly back to the UK.

Pride Recap

Yesterday was such an incredible day, we spent the day together exploring the parade route and seeing many of the floats that were on show, I have a soft spot for the rugby players float for obvious reasons….sadly I don’t have any photos of said float but the image still stays inside my head LOL

I was dressed in a gold shirt and shorts and it seemed to get a lot of attention, a few people asked me for selfies, one man asked me to join him to watch the parade and he’d even got a space for me to stand with him (he was like 6ft 7in tall too!) and one guy dirty danced with me near the canal, it was surreal but I loved it!

After seeing the majority of the parade we headed for food, went for sushi and afterward we were well fed we headed to Dam Square to fully immerse in the spirit of pride with camp cheesy music and crowds of happy people, we danced for a couple of hours at least and then headed to Beer Temple to meet up with Jos’ friend Rick, we had a few non-alcoholic beers here and afterwards took a final walk to Dam Square and then back to our apartment for rest, recuperation and food (Chicken!).

Today we fly back to the UK, everything is packed, included some crisps and chocolate and I bought some peanut butter too (I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!) – we just need to have breakfast which we are going to have on the top of the apartments here, I’ll add the view as a photo now…

Beneluxbaan, Amstelveen – North Holland, Netherlands

I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow!

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