I actually really like it when it rains.


It’s rained all day today and although I might’ve cursed and grumbled about it whilst I was cycling to and from work and getting a total drenching, I actually really like it when it rains.

Mainly when I’m cosy inside and I can listen to it falling or watch it soaking everything in sight, but it also makes me think of all of the things it washes away when it falls, so I try to utilise the sound of the rain to calm myself (it works surprisingly well, I always sleep really well when it rains) and let myself “wash away” the negative things I’ve felt recently, I feel cleansed and feel like I can feel the true me starting to return and that’s really nice, things are going in the right direction.

I spent a decent amount of time focusing on things this evening that needed my attention and that feeling of being proactive has lifted my spirits tenfold.

Unrelated, I attended a workshop about dementia today and learnt a bit more about it than I was previously aware of, that kind of knowledge is something I love to garner because it’s got purpose.

I’m just laying in bed now, not yet ready for bed but just allowing myself to disconnect from social media and Netflix (I’ve been binge watching Q.I!) and using my down time to write this blog!

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