Raise Awareness

I’m doing VLOGMAS again this year, today’s video explains why I’m not dressed…

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  1. Thanks for advocating!!! Ps loving the accent and how you call them “pants”! 🙂

    • TDYLN says:

      Thank you! 😀 Pants is how I’ve always known them, what do you call them? 🙂

      • I assume you’re from England? Well across the pond here in Canada, “pants” are what we call the external layer like jeans or sweatpants or trousers. 🙂 As for your version of pants, we call those “underwear” generally. I call it as it is, like boxers or briefs, or jock strap or thong, etc.
        For example I think you were wearing briefs? 😉

        • TDYLN says:

          Yeah I’m a British guy 😀 and I was wearing briefs 😉 😀

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