So I’ve been in my new job now for just over 4 months and I really enjoy it, in December I was made staff member of the month and yesterday I had my first appraisal and I was elated to discover that I’d been rated excellent!

For me, this recognition means so much, in my previous job I worked my arse off and NEVER got any form of recognition for the blood, sweat and tears that I poured in.

Well actually, that’s not entirely true, I got a lot of recognition from my customers, this was because I always made sure that they were happy, it’s a simple thing to do and it worked.

There were days when we would be ridiculously busy but a customer would wait to be served by me because they knew that I was going to make sure they had the best customer service whilst in store, and that is so important in any customer facing role.

The other day I accompanied my mum to EE to assist her whilst she got a new phone and the customer service there was incredible, both the manager and the sales guy that served us were friendly, attentive and knowledgable and my mum left happy, again it’s a simple thing to provide but there are so many places that get it wrong!

Going back to the whole recognition thing, the customer recognition was lovely, knowing that made me feel worthy, but the non-recognition from the company I used to work for was horrible, the team I was part of worked really hard, sacrifices days off, stayed later, started earlier and drove ourselves into the ground with stress and rarely/never got recognised for it, the regional manager would always give us the impression that all of that was expected and still not good enough!

So now I’ve been recognised at my new job it’s like a confirmation that I’m doing good things, and it clears away the self-doubt that my old job planted in my head!

I’m so glad I made changes in my life to get to where I am today!

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