I finally met him, and he’s perfect, he makes me laugh, he’s got the nicest smile, he’s sooo sexy, he’s lovely….Sigh, and I’m missing him already, after only 3hrs, we kissed lots as he dropped me off and I waved him a safe journey home 🙂

We met outside Virgin Megastores in the Grafton Centre and walked into town and past the river talking and laughing together, we sat on a bench by the river and talked a bit more and then we headed into town and went to Starbucks, I ordered us drinks, I had a tropical citrus frap and he had a caramel frap and then we walked to the round church and sat on the wall with our drinks, afterwards we walked to subway and got some food, both going for sweet onion teriyaki chicken and we sit outside and eat them…Yummy, and the food was nice too! hehe!

Afterwards we headed back into the Grafton, and went and got in his car, I asked him for a kiss and he didn’t disappoint me 🙂 we then drove into Cherry Hinton getting stopped at almost every red light possible and then stuck behind a portaloo truck, ironic as we’d mentioned something like that earlier, hehe!!

We drove over lime kiln hill then thru cherry hinton and I pointed out my house, and then we headed off towards wandlebury, I kept looking at him…He’s so lovely, we then parked up so he could plan his route back home and as we parked up I asked for another kiss, we kissed for a good couple of minutes, I was tingling all over and got a little excited *blushes* eventually we worked out which route he had to take home and then it was time for us to part, he dropped me off at the lay by near my house and I asked for a goodbye kiss and there was another car parked in front of us so it was only a peck…And then the driver went, so I got a proper kiss/kisses 😀

I text him straight after and say wow!! hehe!!

He texted me once he was home saying that D had been waiting up for him and was threatening an overdose because he had lost him and didn’t have anything to live for..It’s never easy for S bless him! I love him xxxxx

night night
xxxx I sleep a happy boi



  1. Arh bless glad your date went well.

    As for your boyfriends ex well he needs to get a grip of himself.

    Threatening to o.d. please! thats the oldest trick in the book that one. How childish ! emotional black mail is so stuipd it never works…

    mind you he’s probably doing you a favour he’ll just be pushing him close to you.

    Good look with it all.

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