Blogging is something I’ve done since 2004 and I love doing it and as some of you may have noticed I’m blogging on a much more regular basis, it’s nice to get back to doing something creative!

So tomorrow is Children In Need day and as long as I can find all of the parts to the outfit, I shall be dressing up for work – guess what I’ll be dressing up as, it’s a fairly obvious choice but guessing games are fun! Leave a comment or come interact on any of my social media places!

Also, today I found out that I was made colleague of the month for September of this year, twice in one year is really surprising and I’m genuinely touched that I’ve been bestowed with such recognition again – means a lot to feel that my commitment to my work is being recognised *happy face*

As I finish typing up this blog, it’s really started to rain heavy outside, I hope it’s not raining tomorrow!

Think I’m going to do a post soon about what I do when I’m in the gym!

This is a fairly short entry I know but I just wanted to do a little update and tomorrow you may get a blog full of photos of me in my outfit! We’ll see! Haha!

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