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Sat in Starbucks

It’s a Thursday and I’m sat in one of the numerous Starbucks in Cambridge, sipping on a coconut milk latte after just having my hair and beard seen to by a barber.

Almost a year ago my regular barber left Cambridge and since then I’ve struggled to find a barber who could give me a cut/shape that I was happy with, today dear reader, I think I may have found someone who nailed it!

I was apprehensive to begin, he didn’t ask many questions or my own preferences to grades and stuff he just ask for what I wanted and then did his thing, half way through I could feel myself getting annoyed because I thought I was going to have just another slightly suitable experience – he got me to lay back in the chair as he started working on my beard, with my eyes closed I initially started to panic that I was going to be left with a dodgy beard afterwards but that soon changed after I could tell he was really taking his time doing intricate manoeuvres, my “panic” started to dissipate at this point and I almost fell asleep in the chair (so embarrassing when you make a half-sleep snore noise and wake yourself up).

Once he was finished on the beard he tilted me back upright and I opened my eyes and just smiled, the man did good and I made sure to tell him so and mentioned how hard it had been to find someone who understands beards, he mentioned that he’s probably had every type of beard himself in the past and knows his stuff, bonus!

So back to now, exactly this moment in time as I sit here and people watch from the window of this Starbucks (it’s the one next to the Grafton Centre if you’re local and wondered where I went) – there’s a couple of guys trying to catch members of the public to fill in surveys, one of them looks like a teenager in an ill-fitting suit but his colleague looks ten times better and is wearing trousers that do wonders for his butt, sadly dear reader I cannot share this with you because I don’t believe in taking photos of people without their permission, it’s a little creepy and I’ve experienced this from the side of someone being “papped” it just weirded me out – I wonder if they try to “survey” me once I leave here?

I popped into a store to get a few things – nothing exciting – face wash, a face cloth, mouthwash and deodorant.

I’m also looking to buy a Nintendo Switch at some point, I’ve saved enough money to buy one now and I’m checking the market for the best deals and bundles out there, I really want to get Super Mario Odyssey and one of the bundles I saw that included that was £309.99 – do you guys know of any better bundles out there, I’m in no rush to buy one yet, but I think I will get one before Super Smash Bros Ultimate gets released!

I posted a load of wordy posts on Instagram recently and had a load of supportive messages and other people’s shared experiences, I’ve felt recently that some people (only a very small percentage) having been using me for their own gains and I really didn’t appreciate that at all.

I think it’s very important to treat people with love and compassion, that’s just my own personal mantra – I don’t expect everyone to be like me or to do as I do, I don’t expect reciprocation for anything I do, all I ask for is respect, I think we live in a world that can be very unkind and the more kindness we can put into the world, the better – I don’t think it takes a lot to be a good person, maybe I’m a dreamer though?

If you follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat) you may have heard or seen me talk about a new podcast I’m working on and launching soon, I’m so excited about creating a new podcast and being able to create something new with other people, I’ll be doing a big reveal post about it in a few weeks so watch this space – the idea of the new podcast is a regular show with a different guest on each episode, some set topics and questions, some chit-chat and some other awesome things too – I’m compiling a guest list and hope to record them very soon, can’t wait!

I’ve just finished my drink and I’m about to head back into the city centre to pick up my bike and cycle home, finish some household things and then this evening Lion got us tickets to go and see A Star Is Born which was a lovely surprise and should be a lovely evening too.

Ah, I almost forgot, I finally got my start date for my new job, I will start on the 5th November – I handed my notice in yesterday and I actually need to cycle to my current workplace to discuss a few things before heading home, I better get a wiggle on!

Thanks for reading 🐻

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