So today I received an invitation to a school reunion and in the past my initial reaction would’ve been to decline the invite immediately and get on with my life but this time I actually decided to confirm my attendance.

School for me wasn’t easy in the slightest and that’s totally understating the fact but I’ve dealt with all of those demons and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing familiar faces and seeing how different people are now!

I’ve spotted a few faces from school over the years but that’s usually just been in passing and have been short little interactions, this will be loads of people in one place and I’m excited!

18 years is a long time and I’m sure in that time some people will have changed and I’m sure that some people will have not changed one iota but I’m going to enjoy myself and connect with those I may not have been able to when I was at school – I’m certainly not going to confront anyone about my time at school, even if some of the faces there are those that may have played a part in the bullying, I’ve laid those demons to rest and can happily say I feel confident about going.

Can’t wait to share my experience with you all afterwards, it’s in August a couple of months away but I’m sure I’ll talk about it beforehand and afterwards either in written or spoken form.

I wrote a poem based on my angsty adolescence called “In My Defence“.

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