It lies at the bottom of my stomach,
cold and heavy,
born out of the dishonest diversions and the untruth spores that now infect the air around me,
but I can’t be angry?

because I can be angry,
no more candy-coated careful conversations,
I will bite back and track the lack of respect I once thought you held and now I’m compelled to see-through.

through these actions which spoke louder than your words,
subtractions that broke fowler,
leave me fuelled by contempt and the unheard.

Call me crazy but why exactly should I care,
when it’s clear that you don’t either,
unless it’s getting you somewhere.

If things don’t go the way you want,
I.E to benefit you,
You run away all nonchalant,
Regardless of pain you’ll imbue.

So forgive me if I’m quiet or a little less connected,
these kind of actions you chose to make are going to get reflected,
I’m objective and protective in this retrospective mind,
don’t mistake me for a fool in this,
that’s one thing you won’t find.

Don’t take kindness for softness,
I can be harder than a diamond when I need,
lies planted in the soil,
will always produce a weed.


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