And thought I’d use today’s #Blogmas post to share the love for the creativity and content of other people.

Share The Love

I just posted a thread of the awesome people that have helped me through this dumpster-fire of a year on Twitter.

And thought I’d use today’s Blogmas post to share the love for the creativity and content of other people.

First up is my friend Chris’ store, he currently selling his incredible art and the cutest origami Christmas decorations.

You can check out his stuff over at

Next up is ArtByBismuth – a kink-themed creative store with some one-off pieces, really interesting seeing what’s coming next from this one, definitely one to watch!

Check out ArtByBismuth – and for more about the artist himself, Kenny.

I owe a huge amount of my creativity and output to my next person, Robjn.

Robjn was the person that started me off on my road of creativity way back when, I’ve learnt a lot from him and I owe him a lot, I wouldn’t have made or done a lot of things in my life if it wasn’t for him.

Robjn is multi-talented, an artist, a write, a lyricist, a musician, a singer – and I’m sure I’ve missed out a lot of other things he’s great at!

He just dropped a cover of Kylie Minogue’s song, Confide in Me.

Robjn has a sizeable back catalogue of works available on his Bandcamp, check him out!

A track I sang on that was written and produced by Robjn was The Dreamer, I would love to work on a new version of this track at some point.

Robjn and I also worked on an album between 2005 and 2008 which never saw the light of day, until Robjn resurrected it this summer, it’s called Unfinished Business and is available everywhere you can stream/buy music.

So there’s a few people I think you should definitely check out, and that concludes today’s post – I might share a few more throughout this month, supporting creative people is important to me!

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