Slaying The Body Issues Demon

I’ve wanted to post this photo for a week or so but I held back because I wasn’t too sure.

The reason I’ve held back is because this will be the first ever, top half sharing photo I’ve ever shared.

Years ago I would have NEVER shared anything like this because I was so self-conscious and used to think that what other people thought of me actually mattered.

This week I took a huge step in conquering my self-consciousness by going shirtless on a beach, I know it doesn’t sound like a big thing to most people but for me it was HUGE, I just thought to myself “fuck it” and you know what it was the most freeing and comfortable I’ve felt for ages, at first I thought that I was going to get people pointing and laughing but nothing like that happened at all, even to the point when I actually forgot that I was just wearing swim shorts and could feel the sun on my skin!

So after this experience I decided that breaking down my personal barriers with my own body image was a good thing and that doing this post is a way of showing others that regardless of who you are, you should be happy with yourself, your body and who you are! ❤️

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