The horrendous events in France are abhorrent and saddening, lives were lost and changed forever, such evil in the world.

You may have seen people all over Facebook and Twitter changing their profile photos to ones with the French flag as a mark of respect and solidarity, I personally think it’s a nice way of showing so.

One thing that I’ve also seen are people trying to either justify why they have or haven’t changed their profile photo, that’s not important, it shouldn’t be about YOU!

Whether you do or not, what is the point in shaming people who do or don’t, it’s up to each individual person to do what they wish to, it also doesn’t mean that if you don’t you don’t care…

I didn’t want to blog about this but when I see a status of someone justifying why they haven’t/haven’t done a French flag profile photo it really doesn’t matter!

People died.

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