Stir Crazy

Not being able to do much due to an injured ankle is frustrating as fuck, I’ve been able to put weight on it today but I have to do so at an awkward angle and it still hurts. The pain is at the back of my heel/ankle so any movement that involves using that area makes it feel worse.

Getting up and down the stairs is something we all take for granted, I’ve been having to use the “sit down” method, I feel like a tit doing so but there you go!

I’m pretty sure I’ve sprained it, I’ve not gone to the doctor/hospital because it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any worse and also because getting an appointment at my doctors is like trying to conquer Everest, you have to call them at 8am to see a doctor, you then get put in a queue because everyone is calling at 8am, you have to call an 0845 number (chargeable regardless of phone plan), years ago it was just a local number and you went straight through to someone, now they have a switchboard set up with a really fucking annoyingly voiced system, eventually when you get through to someone you are made to feel like you are inconveniencing them for calling them so early and then once you say you need an appointment you are either given one which is 3 minutes from now, one at the latest time possible or on occasion no appointment at all, even though you did what they said and called at 8am. The doctors and the doctor’s surgery itself are actually really helpful when you eventually manage to jump the many hurdles to see someone.

But I digress. I ended up calling 111 and they said it’s probable that it’s a sprain but told me to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse then I’d need to see my GP or go to A&E, neither of which I particularly wish to have to do, so I’m thankful that my ankle hasn’t gone green and fallen off because the thought of having to do either isn’t an inviting option.

I’m not able to go to the gym whilst I’m injured and that pissing me off being quite an active person and having to sit and rest is extremely frustrating.

I’ve read a whole book, watched a series on Netflix and listened to an album (which is awesome) and yet I’m still insanely bored and getting that stir crazy feeling.

So now I’m blogging and after this I’m going to do some song-writing.

I’ve also been finding loads of txt files of unfinished songs that I’m going to try to complete.

Here’s an exert from one of the ones I found.

as you look out to the city
all the lights shining brightly
then they all start to blink out
doing it just, just to spite me
feeling my heart beating faster
moving my feet to the edge
time to make a decision
stood on this life support ledge
a soul devoid of emotion
fed up with feeling so numb
just for a few seconds free fall
this thing can’t be undone
there is no resurrection
there is no coming back
if you decide on that outcome
everything fades, fades to black

I ended up rapping these words over a remix of a Robjn track that I used in one of my mixsets.

Right, time to get song-writing!

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