Storm Barney!

I’m sat here by my window as the 70-80 mph winds make my windows rattle, the trees outside are taking a battering and the noises of the gusts are pretty disconcerting!

I love extreme weather, I love thunderstorms – but I do have issue with gust and gales – mainly being that I think that my window is going to cave in and crush me to death and secondly that I potentially have to cycle AGAINST it tomorrow morning at about 5:45am!

I would consider getting a taxi however I have literally no money whatsoever until payday, not even enough for a bag of crisps, damn aussieBum and their sales tactics and making me spunk my money on pants (great choice of words, eh?)

I checked the forecast and the winds are supposed to die down by around 2am so I should be ok!

Also, when did the UK start naming its storms and who chose the name Barney?

All that I can think of is that large dinosaur!


2 thoughts on “Storm Barney!

  1. Unfortunately the storm naming started this storm season and they opened it up to the public to name them in advance. I think it’s a bad idea & would have preferred 2015-A, 2015-B, etc.

    • TDYLN says:

      I want more sweary names, Storm Bastard!

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