I started writing a blog post on Monday and it became a weird multi-day post, not my original plan but I did state that I didn’t know what direction it was going to go in!

The 3 Day Blog

I thought I’d make use of my time during the quiet moments of my day today by writing a blog post, I’m not sure what direction it’s going to go in but I just felt like shooting my sesquipedalian spunk into the digital cosmos.

It’s 9:00am, I’ve just been exchanging a few messages with friends and I’m listening to ionnalee on Spotify, I’m actually going to see her in concert in May and I’m so freaking excited, her music has been a powerful presence in my life since 2010 when iamamiwhoami appeared. The songs she writes are beautiful, the lyrics often trigger emotions and thoughts every single time I listen to her. There’s one track from her latest album which I absolutely adore called Dunes of Sand, a duet with Jamie Irrepressible.

We’ve been very fortunate over the last few days to have some incredibly warm weather in the UK, so much so that we now have a new record for the hottest day in April since 1949, being blessed with ginger genetics I tend to burn easily and then end up resembling a slapped lobster so on Saturday when my Lion and I went into the city, I had to pop in to the local chemist to buy some factor 50 sunscreen – it worked, I didn’t burn, but I haven’t changed colour at all, I’m still as pale as a bottle of milk!

I’m coming up to finishing my placement in Welwyn Garden City for work and although I’ve really not enjoyed the commuting side of it, I’ve actually really enjoyed working with a really friendly and welcoming team, this is my final week with them and I’ve learnt a lot from them and hopefully I’ve taught them things as well.

It’s now 12:00pm and I’m having some lunch and a latte, using my time to catch up on messages and emails and doing some editing of photos on my phone, always working or creating something. Speaking of creativity, I’m also creating a loose guideline for my podcasts that I’m planning to record with people in the near future, a few set things for structure but it’ll pretty much be chatting together with points to help things flow. Excited!

Ok, so it’s now the following day and I’m on my train again, I was going to write more when I was on the train home but I ended up being sat next to a drunk racist man who was just abhorrent and was trying to get me to join in with his Brexit based banter – kind of flared up a rage inside me for a while after, there is just no need for it – I even recorded a podcast about the experience.

It’s now Wednesday evening around 11:41pm, I’ve got a slight headache but I’m determined to finish this slightly odd blog post and schedule it to go live tomorrow morning, today dragged like crazy, everything felt slightly annoying and then as a slightly weird and unwelcoming cherry on top of a weird day sundae, someone who had arranged to catch up with us this evening after suggesting it on Monday and agreeing on today, didn’t bother to respond to a message to sort out when and where to meet that was sent first thing this morning to avoid any last minute planning, and he’d definitely read the message…it’s now almost minute and the follow up message I sent hasn’t been read, I even tried calling to check if things were ok…now, you might be wondering why I’m even blogging about such a thing, well dear reader, this was the 3rd or maybe even the 4th time that we’d planned an evening in which he’d cancelled at the last minute – we won’t be trying to arrange anything again with him, it’s just disrespectful and easy avoided, I’m not wasting my time or energy on anyone that doesn’t respect mine – I have a lot of time for people, but there comes a time when you realise that it takes the piss!

This is where I’m going to finish this post, thanks for reading!

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