The Cost Of Creativity

I just received an email reminding me that one of my domains is expiring soon and whilst I was looking at the options available I decided to try to work out how much money I spend every year to have a creative platform.

Surprisingly it’s around £300 a year, which I never realised until now just how much it cost!

I’m quite staggered by the cost of my creativity, it’s a large chunk of money I spend just so I can leave a digital footprint that other people may potentially follow.

I don’t have a the largest of followings, I’ve got just under 500 subscribers on YouTube and nowadays my podcast reaches about a third of what I used to see, I know that’s because of many reasons but it does also then make me think about the cost, can I justify spending that kind of money for a small audience?

The answer is yes, it can be expensive to have your own online presence and if it’s something you really want to do things with it’s a commitment, but I do all of it for free, there have been a few generous people along the way but nowadays not so much, I created a Patreon that’s had zero activity, maybe someone will support my work, but even if they don’t, I’ll still keep creating!

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  1. I think the key thing is to keep doing what you love. If you do it to express yourself then the money is well worth the creative outlet it provides 🙂

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