I write this blog whilst on the late night tram from Amsterdam to Amstelveen.

The Day Before Pride

I write this blog whilst on the late night tram from Amsterdam to Amstelveen and I’ll try to sum up the day before we get there!

Today’s been an awesome day, after a rather slow start this morning, me and the LADS (again, we are not lads but calling us that makes me chuckle) went into Amsterdam to explore.

Around 7pm we got to be spectators of the drag olympics, it was so good, the different queens had to do different “sports” like racing in heels, handbag throwing, hula hooping, bitch volleyball and some random horse riding thing.

During the handbag throwing event, one of the queens looked me in the eye and the next thing I knew I was catching a unexpectedly heavy Disney’s Frozen kids handbag like I was a baseball player catching a ball hit into the crowd – this boy has skills!

After the drag olympics we headed to another area and watched and sang along with more drag queens belting out camp classics, it was a lot of fun and I surprised myself with just how many of the songs and words for the songs I actually knew, during one of the performances of “Bad Boys” the three girls singing all pointed at me so I sang and danced whilst they did, so much fun!

Tomorrow is going to be so amazing, I really can’t wait!

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