I think everyone should have a BFF (Best Friend Forever), I do and I cannot imagine a world without her in it!

I met Fiona way back in October 2004 when she started working at Argos as a weekend girl during the Christmas period and within a few hours we began to gel pretty much immediately and within hours (which was probably a few weeks but saying a few hours makes this sound funnier) she was asking me to steal a Polaroid photo of the boy that worked with us because she fancied him, she also stole his name badge! Hahaha!


After a day at work together we usually went down to Starbucks and chatted over a frappuccino and on occasion we would even frequent the local McDonalds for a big mac meal, glamorous eh?!


It didn’t matter where we went, we took our madcap antics with us and regularly we would pop down to the local gay pub and drink copious amounts of Malibu and Coke, on one occasion we bought more drinks so we didn’t have to keep on going back up to the bar and so we could get drunk quicker!


Our friendship began to grow and as technology progressed I started podcasting (July 2005) and after having Fiona guest on a few episodes I set up our own podcast called Filthy PhilFi which went on as a podcast for a few years before evolving into a YouTube channel – which has now been re-branded to MaccyDylan.


There is nobody on this planet that knows more about me and who can make me howl with laughter like Fiona – she’s bloody amazing!

London 088

This blog is for you if you are reading – thank you for being my friend for so long and thank you for the years of sushi, overspending at Primark, podcasts, videos, trips to London and talk of big willies and large breasts (usually our own) over a meal!!

London 110

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