The Joys Of Public Transport

As I spend a large amount of my time on buses, I thought I would blog whilst on my way home.

There’s a woman talking unacceptably loudly at the front of the bus to her hen-pecked husband who hasn’t actually made a single noise in response since I boarded, she’s literally talking about bugger all but I can hear her and I’m sat at the back of the bus!

She’s talked about the wind, fish, a bicycle, letters, metal, cats….and I’ve now put my headphones in so I don’t have to listen to any more drivel!

Headphones on public transport are a must if you wish to avoid hearing other people’s lives, you’d be surprised of some of the stuff that I’ve heard over the years!

One of the most surreal and uncomfortable overhearing experiences was a woman talking graphically and loudly on her phone to her friend about her recent abortion but not in a way to make the packed-out bus feel sorry for her, no – she was practically bragging about it…and again, in detailed description to her friends on the other end if the line and about 50 other people, the majority of which tutted loudly and sighed (typical Brits).

Other things I’ve had the misfortune of hearing on public transport

  • The consistency and colour someone’s latest poo.
  • The penis size of someone’s latest conquest.
  • The medication someone is taking for an S.T.I.
  • The reason someone got fired (they stole and got caught but it wasn’t anything big like a telly, it was a lasagne…yes, really).
  • Disgustingly cringe-worthy phone flirting.
  • The women talking about seeing someone behind their husbands back (because he won’t stop asking for anal sex).

For some people there is just no filter, they don’t seem to care what people might be hearing, I assume some people probably enjoy doing this because they want the attention but it’s just really uncouth!

NOTE : I am no longer on a bus

I want to hear about your own personal public transport moments, leave a comment and let me know!

And now to end this blog with a selection of my tweets that relate to public transport…they’re not all negative ones!

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  1. Lamont says:

    There is always a couple of men on the bus with apparently no motivation to find a job selling DVD’s and CD’s all fucking day on the bus and there homophobic.

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