Just an observation really but have any of you experienced this?

The Online Shine

Do you ever have that feeling when your opinion of someone you’ve not met but have appreciated online changes?

Maybe for reasons, maybe not, but when in the past you might have liked or commented on something they’d posted, you now don’t bother and sometimes you find yourself rolling your eyes and analysing the posts they make, you see through the way they post things, not engaging with the people who follow them but just to make themselves look good and maybe for reasons, maybe not, you know a little bit more about them and the way they treat people in real life.

Social media is such a powerful tool and I’ve always tried to use my online presence to connect to awesome people, help others when I can and to try to be as genuine online as I am in real life, I find that so rarely do people mirror their online personas, you can PhotoShop or FaceTune a selfie but there are no apps that will edit a personality.

Just an observation really but have any of you experienced this?

1 thought on “The Online Shine

  1. Without being big-headed about it, I like to think that I’m pretty good at sizing people up fairly quickly (that doesn’t necessarily mean first impression absolutely as in the first moment, but the sum of my first ongoing interaction with them).

    In over 20 years of online existence I have thus far only changed my mind twice about people I’ve communicated with online. It took meeting one person in person to realise very quickly that he wasn’t a stuck up arsehole unwilling to accept other people’s perspectives (he had had a very similar opinion of me, hence both of us agreeing to meet after we realised we lived in the same city).

    In another case it took a particular interaction to appreciate just how much of a nasty piece of work a certain arsehole was, and how unworthy of the benefit of the doubt I had given him several times over a period of a couple of years.

    Ultimately though, just as we sometimes have reason to change our opinion for the better or worse about people we encounter in the physical world. we always need to keep our minds open to the possibility that those with whom we interact online don’t live up (or down) to our first impressions. That is part and parcel of being grown up and accepting our own mistakes as well as those of others.

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