The Reason I Hate Online Quizzes

Everybody seems to be doing those really annoying MySpace style quizzes nowadays, there was a reason MySpace died…

By all means, do these quizzes as much as you want but do you all have to post every single result to your wall?

Yes it’s your wall and you can post what ever you feel you need to post but it makes you look silly!

I saw a quiz that lots of people were sharing on here and Twitter the other day about penis size, the only outcome for that quiz regardless of how you answered was “Massive” and of course everybody was going to share that kind of result, the people who run these websites know that people are that easy to manipulate!

The only reason sites like BuzzFeed make these awful, AWFUL quizzes is because of the adverts they can sell on their website due to inflated view counts!

It’s the same reason newspapers have provocative headlines to make you click their links, the story is never as juicy as the headline makes out!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person out there that gets really annoyed with this!

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