The Spare Room, a room to escape from things.

The Spare Room

When you realise that the only room in your own house that you feel you can get any peace in is the spare room, things aren’t right.

But that’s the room I am currently sitting on the floor of, I’m sitting here because I don’t have to interact with someone who seems to have moved into our house, there is a lot more to this tale that I could tell but for now those blog posts are staying unpublished, there will be a day when I will share everything that been happening and going on but for now, to make things easy, I’m delaying that.

I’m working later today, I’m on late shifts all week – the late shifts are the hard ones to do at the moment, with everything going on and also being stuck in the same house with this person and then going to work and then knowing that my other half has to suffer it solo, it’s just so frustrating!

A few people have said that we need to move out, and we want to but unfortunately that’s not an option but towards the end of this year things should change to allow us to start moving out, we feel like prisoners in our own house/bedroom because of this person, we don’t know what to do until we move out but it’s beyond stressful.

I’m hoping to be able to speak to my mum about everything soon, I also might seek advice from other places to see what our options are in regards to moving out, I don’t want to cause drama, I really don’t because that doesn’t get anyone anywhere but having lots of drama dumped on your doorstep is incredibly difficult.

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