It’s the Halloween season and around this time of year everything gets a little bit spooky whilst corporations cash in and release themed versions of normal products to try to drive sales up.

And it works, I saw it advertised on the board and although it was completely a completely black frappuccino, it sounded really tasty and so I decided to try one.

It tasted good, a mixture of mango and lime, the only thing that they got wrong was the topping which was meant to be black coconut cream but they’d just squirted normal cream on top, but no biggy, it tasted good.

However, a few hours later I discovered that the activated charcoal in that is used to colour said “Phantom Frappuccino” had some quite unpleasant side effects for me.


Not only that, but I also read that the activated charcoal in the drink can also stop all kinds of medication from working, surely Starbucks would’ve needed to advertise this fact?

Anyway, the “side effects” lasted for about 8 hours…8 FUCKING HOURS OF BLACK MAGMA FALLING OUT OF MY ARSE!!

Thanks for reading 😅

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