The Unfriend

I woke up this morning and was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and then I went into the “Friends” bit and then looked at contacts to see if any of my contacts were on Facebook that I may have not added, it was then after scrolling through them that I discovered that someone I’ve known for 12 years had unfriended me.

Now my first reaction was “How Rude!” but then I actually thought a little more about it.

Although I’ve known said “friend” for 12 years, we are two different people living completely separate lives, we’ve nothing in common apart from nights out partying and a handful of drunken shags, that’s really it – although as someone I first got to know on the scene when I came out, we’ve kind of always been in each others lives and it was nice to know someone from that time but it’s not to be!

If our paths happen to cross in real life at some point, I’ll be pleasant to them, they may have their reasons for doing it so it’s not worth thinking about, at the end of the day it’s the internet and I live in the real world, although I love social media!

I’m not angry, I’m not upset and I’m not particularly that bothered (although some may argue I am because I’m blogging about it!) I get that things change, people change, people move on – it’s all good!

Personally, I don’t usually unfriend/unfollow/block people on social media unless they post something that offends me or they spam timelines with crap, each to their own!

Have people you know or knew unfriended you before? Let me know below, come and chat with me on any of my social media places or why not message me on Telegram : TDYLN

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