The Untitled Update

I’m going to start off writing this blog post without a title, a title means I’d have to stick to a subject or path and I feel that this is just going to be one of those blogs in which I try and put into words what seems to be streaming through my brain at the time.

I’m sat on the sofa as I write this, I’m enjoying the last few days of my time off of work, it’s been a nice relaxing time away and I’ve managed to spend some quality time with my boyfriend – we don’t get as much time together as we used to because our working hours are so different now, he works nights and I work days so the time before work and Sundays are the only times we get to see each other and so when I have to work on a Sunday it means a long wait until we get a proper day together.

I dread returning to work after time off, having to adjust back into the schedule and rigmarole of retail, don’t get me wrong, retail is what I’ve been doing for a long time now but I think my heart is crying out for some kind of big change of my working life, I really want to further my skills in photography and with the diploma I’m working towards getting to allow me to further myself and hopefully move into a photography career.

I was asked by a friend to be the photographer for her wedding and I really want to make them both really happy with the results, its nerve wracking because it’ll be the first time I’ve ever done something is big but I’ve got a few years to refine my skills and equipment to give them something special.

I spent a few hours last night giving this very website a little bit of a makeover, it should now be mobile responsive and suitable for all browsers, let me know what you think!

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