Things #1

I wanted to make a (probably) weekly post on my blog about things that I’ve come across, learn or discovered, I think it will be fun and also shares with you some awesome stuff!


I started using MusicBee a few weeks ago and I love it, it gives me so many more options for tagging and organising my music and that’s always a bonus, the only times I use iTunes now are when I need to sync music or apps across but this is very rare!

It also has podcast support so I can subscribe to all of my favourite podcasts and it’s also a lot faster than laggy iTunes!

Zella Day

I recently heard this song via a music blog and I really like it.

Secret Piano feat Robjn – I Can Act Cool

I like watching TV, not the boring shows like X-Factor, TOWIE and other such shows but decent stuff like House and classic British comedy too, this site allows me to track what I watch and also provides analytics in regards to what I’ve been watching, check it out and add me as a friend/follower.

That’s all for this week but remember to come back next week and see the THINGS I’ve got for you!

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