Thought I try to “reboot” my things posts because it’s a nice way for me to share things I’ve found or discovered online recently, so without further ado!

TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time

This video is beautiful, the music, narration and visuals are so good – if you have a 4K tv or monitor then you’re in for a treat – I recently rewatched it on a friend’s HUGE projector and it looked incredible the 2nd (I’ve watched it more than twice…) time around!


I do love a podcast, I’m currently subscribed to 22 different podcasts and this is one that I’ve recently started listening to, it’s by YouTuber (or ex-YouTuber) Laci Green who made really awesome educational and sex-positive videos and it genuinely interesting to hear her talking about how the internet is changing society!


I love a graphic t-shirt…

And people regularly have asked me where I get them from and most of the time it’s from my favourite place – QWERTEE.

They have brand new designs every single day and I genuinely look forward to my daily email of the days designs!


I was very very honoured to have been drawn by Mitsu (@mitsulightart), he is an incredibly talented artist, please check him out and send him love and tell him I sent you!


So that’s all for this instalment of THINGS, side note though – I’m launching a new podcast called Toby Honest soon, every episode will have a guest and different topics to discuss, I’m genuinely looking forward to sharing my new podcast venture with you all!

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