Things #3

It’s time to share some things again!

Don’t Checkout

Now this might sound a little weird but it’s worth trying if you aren’t in a rush, when doing online shopping recently I’ve filled my basket, put in delivery details and so on but then I stopped once I’d got to the payment screen, not on purpose but maybe because of time constraints.

A few hours later an email from said retailer came through asking if there was a problem because they can see I was close to buying, also contained in this email was a code to use to save 5% off of total cost, now I’ve done this with a few places recently and a couple of them have either offered a percentage of the cost off or an option for free delivery which isn’t usually available – Bonus!

It’s worth a try, it might not be a massive saving but it’s a saving!


I’m a bit of an iPhoneography fan and recently the team behind Hipstamatic released a really cool app which is a timed “disposable” camera.

You set a set time for being able to take photos – 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and more and then get snapping, you won’t see any of these photos until the timer counts down, sounds great but the best thing about this app is that you can make the camera a collaborative one and have all the photos taken delivered to all people at the end of the timer, I can imagine this working really well for events and stuff, I’m currently collaborating on an album with two guys from Twitter and am looking forward to seeing what kind of photos will be waiting for us once the counter reaches zero, check it out and feel free to invite me via a link on Twitter 🙂 or Facebook/Text if you have me there!

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