Things #4

It’s time to share a couple of things (for the first time since APRIL!)

Telegram (App)


This app was mentioned to me by somebody I got talking to on Growlr a few weeks ago, I downloaded it because it sounded pretty good but it’s so much better than I expected.

It works very similar to apps like WhatsApp and KIK but it is truly multi-platform, from iOS to Android, PC to OSX and even Linux!

I have it installed on my iPad which I love because WhatApp doesn’t have an iPad app and neither does KIK, I can truly chat and respond regardless of device!

You can search your contacts for people using the app but you can also set a username to be contacted on if you don’t want to give out your number to people!

It’s FREE – why not download it and come and chat to me, my username is TDYLN.


I’ve loved every track that this person has dropped since they appeared, the identity of the person behind marshmello is still unknown but does it really matter when the music is really good?

My 3 favourite tracks are TaKe iT Back, KnOw mE and WaNt U 2 but I like everything this mysterious musician has made!

Check out the free downloads section of the Facebook page link above and see what you think!

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