Things #5

Trying to make THINGS a more regular thing now, so it’s time for me to share a few….THINGS!

Hans Zimmer – Time (Superlifter Remix)

maxresdefault (32)

I’ve liked the original song for a while now and I get excited when I discover a new remix of it, my favourite remix of it has to be the Pilotpriest remix but this one is on par with that one too.

Grimes – Art Angels



I’ve liked one or two of Grime’s older songs but this album is so full of dancey pop stuff that I can’t help but like it!

Currently my fave tracks are Kill V. Maim and Flesh Without Blood!

Judge Rinder

This show has been going for a while now and it is a fairly trashy show but I cannot stop watching!

Have a look at this clip if you’ve not seen it before…

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