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Things #8

Almost two years since I last posted a “things” post, mainly because I forgot I used to do them, they were originally meant to be weekly posts…so I thought I’d bring it back!

“Things” are things that I’ve come discovered during the week, this could be music, a video, an app, a poem…it could literally be anything!

Avatar : The Last Airbender

I was introduced to this incredible show by my Lion, he mentioned how good it was and found the first episode on YouTube to show me what it was all about, I was hooked!

I’ve just finished season 1 (Book One: Water) and am getting through season 2 (Book Two: Earth) at a decent speed!


I’d been looking for a decent, multi-account email account app for a while, I had used and enjoyed using Airmail but recently I’ve found that it lags quite a lot, today I saw this app appear on a tech blog, it was free so I installed it.

It’s fast, minimal and clear – supports all of the usual providers, exchange, POP3 and IMAP accounts.

Definitely worth checking out, it’s clever too – it has filters for entertainment, parcels, travel and the like.

I’m very impressed, the last app I really liked for email was CloudMagic which I believe became Newton but I stopped using it when they made it an expensive subscription only app.

Simmer Down

ionnalee’s latest offering ❤️

That is all for this week, hopefully I keep this updated regularly from now on! LOL

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