Tobearnator : Rise of the Cybear Cub

My dream last night was rather odd.

So every so often when I chat to people on the apps I’m asked if I work “here” or “there”, only to find out that there are unfortunate people out there that look like me!

Well last night in my dream I hosted a “Toby-Con”, and thousands of me turned up, all looking identical to me, I gave a little speech about body positivity and then something weird happened.

Every lookalike’s eyes started to glow red and their skin dissolved to reveal that they where all terminators, neon blue metal terminators.

Then they all started to chase me. For some reason the “Toby-Con” was held at the top of The Shard but it had a water slide to escape so I used that.

At the bottom of this slide I then found myself not in London (where the shard resides) but in New York and I was running through the streets and across the roads.

So I get to a building called “Y Bot Inc” which reversed is Toby, I run to the desk and I’m there in my work uniform smiling at myself running and then I look around and everyone looks like me and they restrain me, drag me into a room and then….

I woke up! 😱

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