I thought I’d write another free form blog today. I’m currently sat on my lunch break, I say lunch break but it’s 6pm – I’m eating a KitKat chunky…fascinating, Toby…

I woke up today feeling pretty positive, ate a decent breakfast, caught up with and sent a few messages and emails, made a couple of important calls and then spent an hour or so writing and adding to poems I’m working on.

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry recently, some I’ve made available, some I haven’t. I’m planning to self publish something in the new year so I’m keeping a few things saved for that.

I’ve been taking myself out of my comfort zone regularly recently and each time I’ve done so I’ve felt great for doing so. It’s easy to stay comforted, too easy, but by stepping outside of that comfort you increase your comfort zones dimensions more and more each time, those things I might have been afraid of doing, suddenly become things I want to do more.

For example, I performed some of my own poetry at an open mic night recently, I was so nervous but once I’d done it I wanted to carry on doing so. Achievement Unlocked!

Try it for yourself!

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