About to head to bed 🙂


I’ve just woken up and I’m about to get coffee. I had a dream about being on a boat on the River Cam but not being able to move it as I had no paddle and I was trying to get back on to land but I couldn’t. No idea what dream analysis would say about that, perhaps I’ll look it up.


Early morning selfie!




I have to leave for work in 7 minutes, whilst I was showering a wasp flew in through the window and I freaked out and jumped out of the shower and tried to waft it out of the window with a flannel, I succeeded but I hate wasps with a passion and now I’m in shock lol


I’m just about to start my shift. You can tell by the photo above that I’m thrilled about it…


I’m on my break at work. I’ve had three people compliment me on my beard today. I’m rather tired, the shift has been busy though which I prefer over a deathly quiet one.


Just got an email saying that my blog has been approved to go on Apple News, that’s awesome! Another way to get my blog out there! I’ve been in such a good mood this week! 🙂


The girl that gave me a muffin yesterday at work just gave me a pain au chocolat! Yaaaas!


Just chilling at home watching my subscriptions on YouTube, currently watching this video.

I love Paloma Faith, her music is brilliant but I love this interview because she has opinions and doesn’t sound warped by the record companies!

I’ve been in such high spirits this week. It’s so good to feed good. I think we as people focus on when we feel negative feelings more than when we feel the highs.

I found a poem/wordy thing I sent myself in an email that I’m gonna upload and share tomorrow.

Think I’m gonna brush my teeth shortly and then get into bed with my iPad. Lucky iPad. LOL

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