It’s been 6 months since the powers that behind Tumblr decided to blanket ban adult content from their site

Tumblocalypse : 6 Months Later

It’s been 6 months since the powers that behind Tumblr decided to blanket ban adult content from their site, and I thought I’d share my own thoughts and feelings about it, I’ll start by sharing my own experiences with Tumblr and how I adapted after the ban came in place.

If memory serves me right, I started using Tumblr in 2010, posting sporadically and mainly posting geeky and nerdy Doctor Who related things.


After a few years on Tumblr, and after following lots of body positive and sex positive blogs, I slowly built the confidence to start posting photos of my own body, something I had always struggled massively with, I still remember the first post I made of me in my underwear, thinking about it now, I’d have no qualms with sharing such a photo because I’ve grown my confidence tenfold, but back then, it felt like a massive deal to me!

It was a way for me to raise money for a charity that was trending on Twitter at the time and so I bit the bullet and embraced my curves and my bulge and uploaded!

I didn’t know it at the time but that was the first block of building my confidence with my body and knocking down the wall I’d built since school about my own hangups with how I looked.

A year later and I was posting regularly and sharing more of my body and over the Christmas period I created a series of photos I called my Cubvent Calendar, really allowing me to push myself out of my comfort zone and shape my blog into a body/sex positive place.


I started opening my ask box and answering as many questions as I could about my life, my sexuality, my fears – this in turn shared my vulnerability and my experiences with others, I’d regularly receive messages telling me how seeing my posts had made them feel like they could do so too, and that feeling of inspiring and empowering someone else to do so was unbelievably humbling and warming!

I also used my platform to share the darker sides of my life, like the homophobic comments left on my YouTube videos (I delete and report them but screenshot them)

I had a Submission Sunday feature on my blog in which I would ask for submissions of all kinds of content from my followers so I could share their bodies, stories and experiences with my audience and I was impressed every weekend when I would queue the posts, y’all are beautiful!

I really miss that empowering and social aspect of Tumblr, I made some great friendships due to that site and I’m very thankful for that.

For myself, and many others Tumblr was a safe-space, not just for NSFW content but also for LGBTQI+ content, there was almost a blog for every aspect and that was really comforting for loads of people.

As the Tumblocalypse drew closer, more and more people started to deactivate their blogs – all of that content, all of the shared stories and experience, blinking out of existence as the ban approached.

December 17th arrived and my blog, alongside many others became restricted and hidden.


Following this I filed a request to download all of my data from the site and once this had completed I deleted my blog and then created another one with the same username, just on the off chance, and recently there has been talk of PornHub buying Tumblr so who really knows what’s going to happen next?

Following the demise of Tumblr, I created an OnlyFans account as a way to carry on my own NSFW content in a way that people could support that content too but in the end I decided to remove all content and cancel all subscriptions as I feel like I maybe rushed into making a step like that.

I occasionally post cheeky content on Twitter…

…but for me it doesn’t have the same feel as Tumblr did and that for me was a big part of the site, I could queue my posts, interact with anonymous questions and see some incredibly hot porn!

Twitter definitely has porn aplenty (for now!) but Tumblr’s tags really helped if you wanted something specific.


  • Did you used to have a Tumblr account?
  • Are you a Tumblr refugee?
  • Where did you end up moving to?

Let me know either by leaving a comment below or getting in touch on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Email

2 thoughts on “Tumblocalypse : 6 Months Later

  1. Kris Andress says:

    I am also a Tumblr refugee, I looked around for a new home, I couldn’t really fine one. So I looked a little bit deeper and u found, by people who won’t flag body and the like posts, but will have A.I assisted screening to remove any underage posts.

    I still haven’t been able to set it up, as my ’email is already in use’ but meh. I occasionally post to Twitter like your beaut self does, but because my twitter is mainly my Political outlet and socialist lefty outlet, I can’t really keep posting nips buts to my followers, including the amazing Hackney Abbot and Emily Thornberry :3 Don’t wanna lose my two iconic politicians

    So what would you recommend Mr D? I’m not exactly a fan of only fans, hell you in a heartbeat I’d support as I love everything about visually and mentally like. But I’m still on the fence about it all, ya know?

    So hit me up with some recommendations!

  2. Domingo Rodriguez says:

    Tumblr definitely had a homely feel to sharing interests beyond the nsfw border. It was honestly a sight to see people able to share their kinks, fascinations, and their bodies to the world. I have some Tumblr friends and they told me about how they enjoyed doing it for (a) positivity, (b) sexual pleasure, (c) body confidence, and many more. Sure, there was a lot of porn bots and other sides of porn not publicly known to some people, but in a way, it was beautiful.

    I remember getting myself confident to post pictures of my body- when I was over 18 and felt the empowering presence of body positive figures (like yourself, Tdyln)- but then news of the apocalypse came, and then it just made those plans wither away. Any attempt to post anything got flagged and I was forced to delete it. Tumblr was a safe place for me to share my own interests without feeling a lot of backlash or criticism from other social media outlets or from my peers, friends, and even family. It was definitely a hit when Tumblr “purged” NSFW content and made Tumblr less than a fraction of what it was back then. But well, I, as a member of the Tumblr community, have to keep moving on forward to a new day, I suppose. 🙂

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