Tumblr Censorship

So already pretty much my whole Tumblr is flagged as explicit and will be removed or made private from the 17th December – I’m trying to think of the positives of this change but censorship like this feels weird, I think we all hoped that Tumblr would be a place for expression that didn’t belong on family friendly places such as Instagram and Facebook.

I’m trying to think of how I want to “express myself” going forward, a few people have mentioned setting up a justforfans or onlyfans type of account which would allow me to share with those that really want it and also to allow me to express my own body and sexuality in a controlled way that might even allow me to make an income, but I’m apprehensive about the changes.

I could very well start posting to Twitter and using that platform to express myself but I tend to find Twitter to be a kind of toxic place, it’s why I’ve not really posted anything on there apart from links to my YouTube and Instagram accounts for quite a while, but we shall see, I do want to be able to share things with you guys but I just have to figure out the best ways to do so now.


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