2005 The Twinkleboi Diaries

Twinkleboi VS Argos pt.1

Todays Tune : vvm – it’s a richjams world

So, these are the blogs you are missing, I removed them from the site temporarily. Why?

Well, somebody i.e. L printed out the contents of my blog and decided to present them to management, I was subjected to a two-hour interview with a member of Argos’ “security” team, he was a total prick…he tried to belittle me, and get me to explain this very blog and the things I had written, B, L, and M weren’t in today, which is probably a good thing, I don’t think I would have curbed my mouth…

It’s very QueenOfTheSky, though I have a weeks holiday starting the 5th… I will hand in my resignation on that day, meaning that I won’t have to work another day once it’s handed in 🙂

Meeting Lolly on Thursday, it’s been too long!!

Oh well, my bed is calling me
nite xx

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