Oh joy, work is fab….NOT!

I’m most definitely leaving now, even though I don’t have another job lined up…it won’t be difficult, I have enough experience, Robjn’s in London with Ali tonight, literally just spoke to him on MSN 🙂

I hope everyone reads this, and if you are a customer of Argos…please don’t be!!
It’s the most corrupt and twisted company, the Argos Card has hidden pitfalls, allow me to explain.
i.e – the interest free options (aren’t!) you must still pay a minimum payment every month, and failure on that earns you a £25 charge which interest is charged on almost straight away, it’s not worth the hassle, plus when signing the Argos card agreement, there are two boxes you can tick, one is purely junk mail, where the other is Argos card (discounts and offers will not be received if this box is ticked), utter bullshit!! Since I’ve had my Argos card (which I have now destroyed) I have never received one single discount offer, only copious amounts of Argos Loans and Insurances JUNK!!
Then there is the Insurances…
Many times Argos staff are threatened with disciplinary action over these. Basically, we have to actively offer insurances and we do this without making a single bit of commission, all the commission goes to the managers for hitting targets, and then the area managers for hitting targets and so-on and so-forth…you’d be stupid to even go for the insurances…most people never make a claim, and

the insurance money goes straight towards the “fat cats”, so next time you go into Argos and are offered the insurance, say NO!!

I would have never have turned against Argos if they hadn’t screwed me and many others over, time and time again!!

Well, the saga is coming to an end…many new things await me!!


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