Upgrading Should Be Simple, Right?

So I thought that as I was about to start my new job that I would treat myself to an upgrade from my iPad mini (1st Generation) to an iPad Air 2 as I’ve really started to use it more for editing photos/video, I knew I wasn’t currently eligible to upgrade so I spoke to one of the Live Chat people and eventually managed to sort out a deal which meant I paid a lot less of my existing contract off so I could upgrade early, the fee of £93 was added to my account…and then from this point everything seemed to get worse!

Muhammed: Toby unfortunately it is out of stock at the moment 
Muhammed: I will have to pre order for you :(
Muhammed: But it will take 2-3 working days to arrive :)
Muhammed: Would this be ok?
Toby: Sure
Muhammed: Great
Muhammed: Just a moment please
Toby: Ok
Muhammed: Thanks
Muhammed: That's everything set for you now Toby :)
Muhammed: Which colour would you prefer?
Muhammed: Space grey, silver or gold?
Toby: Space Grey
Muhammed: Great choice
Muhammed: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Toby: Will I get email confirming order and updates on deliver time?
Muhammed: Sure, you will :)
Toby: Brilliant

And then

Chelsea: So I see you thought you had put a order through?
Toby: Yeah, but I haven't received any confirmation emails like usual, and also the website is giving me the option to upgrade *confused face*
Chelsea: Okay let me check this for youu 
Chelsea: when did you upgrade?
Toby: Today with one of the guys on the live chat
Chelsea: the number ending in 733?
Toby: Yeah
Chelsea: Okay was it with mohammed?
Toby: Yeah :)
Chelsea: Okay one moment 
Chelsea: I see you didn't actually upgrade?
Toby: Oh right? He said I had done?
Chelsea: I see that there is none in stock at the moment 
Chelsea: so it could take up to 48hours to get confirmation 
Chelsea: that is why you have not received a text yet
Toby: Ah Ok, But would you have an order number when it's been placed? The website states they are in stock
Chelsea: they actually arn't in stock 
Chelsea: you will need to wait 48hours

So I waited…and then decided to check up as I’d heard NOTHING and this happened…

info: your approximate wait time is 33 minute(s) and  39 seconds.
info: your approximate wait time is 28 minute(s) and  54 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 27 minute(s) and  12 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 23 minute(s) and  42 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 18 minute(s) and  38 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 17 minute(s) and  49 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 16 minute(s) and  18 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 11 minute(s) and  14 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 9 minute(s) and  35 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 8 minute(s) and  0 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 4 minute(s) and  49 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 3 minute(s) and  56 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 3 minute(s) and  9 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 1 minute(s) and  25 seconds. 
info: your approximate wait time is 1 minute(s) and  25 seconds. 
info: You are now connected with Dylan .
Dylan : Hello, you're chatting with Dylan , one of Vodafone's online customer service specialists. May I take your name please?
Toby: Toby
Dylan : Hello Toby, Good Evening :-)
Dylan : How are you?
Toby: I'm a little frustrated, I've been spending the last 2-3 hours trying to sort things out, getting cut off when passed to people and so on, so I'm really hoping that you will rectify everything for me
info: This chat has been ended by your Vodafone Representative.

BASTARDS, I don’t like to waste my time and then get cut off…eventually I through to someone…

Toby: I don't understand, so the iPad's are back in stock for delivery next week? Will I need to call or chat to place an order? What happens with the days that I've not been able to process my early upgrade that I'm paying for?
Toby: I keep getting told so many conflicting things that I don't really know what is going on
Glen : Yes the stock will be back in the store next week.
Glen : The order is already  placed however the order is yet not process due to shortage of stock.
Toby: Ok, so if I do nothing from now on, the order will finalise on Monday/Tuesday? 
Toby: Or do I need to do anything?
Glen : You will get the refund for the days you have not used the services.
Glen : However , if you  make your mind that you wish to cancel the early upgrade then you can call the team and they will cancel the order and remove the charges from the account.
Toby: But if I leave things as they are then the order will complete, yes?
Glen : Yes, certainly !! :)
Glen : If the things go well, next week you will have a great time with your new Ipad . :)

Following these chats, and many others that I didn’t manage to get the transcript of, and after numerous calls to some really unhelpful people, I decided to cancel the “non-existing” order and actually managed to get through to someone in the company who actually knew what they were doing and within 10 minutes the order was completed and I’d received the confirmation email.

The thing that really riles me about this whole awful process which should be simple (I should know, I worked for the company for 7 years) is the fact I was lied to and fobbed off multiple times, nobody took ownership of the issue and just gave me the same factory response.

I went on the Vodafone e-forum too, the Facebook page and also on their Twitter and each time I responded to the email like they asked, I got no response.

Thanks for your email.

We are not able find your tweet so please provide us with the direct link of your tweet. Alternatively, you can describe your query in reply to this email.

Until yesterday….considering I sent a fairly long email to them, the response I got and the “goodwill” offered was pretty poor, if they had managed to process it on the day I asked I would have been able to apply discount to it before I’d left the company, this was my email to them.

Really?! I sent rather a lot of them during the time I was trying to get everything sorted out!

I am pretty appalled by the way I was dealt with during each and every (bar the last) interaction I had with you guys about my order (or lack of).

I was told I could upgrade early (with a fee) which I was happy to do and as your website stated (and stated throughout the time I was trying to get everything sorted) that the iPad Air 2 128gb was in stock, after I’d had the £93 fee added to my account I was told that the device was out of stock but I would receive a confirmation email within a few hours, this didn’t happen, I spoke on the phone to different people and live chatted too and each time was either lied to or fobbed off about stock levels, when I was going to get my device, told that it was ordered 3 times, when it wasn’t, etc.

I spoke to one live-chat person who after I’d waited 45 mins to chat with, cut me off after I’d said what the challenge was.

I used to work for Vodafone up until recently and if the order had been placed I would have been able to apply discount to the iPad before I left so that I would benefit from that, this was a major part in why I decided to do so on the first interaction.

The only person who actually helped me sort out the issue was a guy in retentions who sorted it out within 10 minutes.

I was also told on either the phone or on live chat that I would be refunded the difference in the fee I paid up until I’d received the confirmation because if I had waited until “stock” was available I would have paid less for doing it early, I’m aware it won’t be a large amount but I was assured this would be done.

I’m angry that the website stated stock was in when it wasn’t, that’s not a great way to deal with existing and new customers placing orders only to have to wait for ages to get the device, every conversation on social media or via contact us has said 24-48 response time but has been over that also.

As someone that knows the systems (worked for Vodafone for 7 years) I can now see why people get so frustrated with being told stuff that is either incorrect or misleading.

I have never had an issue with Vodafone before this but I need the fact that I’ve had an awful experience to be addressed and raised as if I had dealt with my customers in store in such a manner I wouldn’t have had a job!

I await your response and actions on my concerns and hope the things I’ve raised will be addressed correctly and promptly, if I don’t feel that things have been addressed then I will take further action to feed this back to whomever can.

So as you can see I went off on one a bit, let me just say that I’m really not one to complain, but I felt that I needed to do so, anyway….this was their reply…

Thanks for your reply.

It is more than clear that you’ve not received the service that you should expect from Vodafone and would like to offer my apologies to the distress caused and for the time taken in getting these issues resolved.

The incident you have highlighted will not only assist us in improving the service we provide in the future but it will also be used to further develop and improve our ongoing training program.

I can see that your iPad was delivered on 14/11/14. I have discussed your case with my manager. I have taken an approval for you. We can offer you £5 credit as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused.

Let us know if you accept this and well do the needful.

I’m about to respond to said email and I shall update this blog post as soon as I do, a £5 credit is NOT good enough, considering I could have saved £9.90 a month with the discount on it.

Watch this space!

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