Wake The Fuck Up!

I want you guys to click this link and then come back and read what I have to say.

36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See

Wake the fuck up people, this shit is happening right now – if you seriously think that the birth of a baby is more important than the awful treatment of gay people in Russia then you need a reality check – this should be on the new constantly, pressure needs to be put on Russia, didn’t see anything in the British press that mentioned this and the main reason being is that people would rather read about a person having a baby than the persecution and abuse of LGBT people in another country, it makes me sick!

Take a look at these photos, imagine if they were your friends or family – being attacked, beaten up, locked up.


As someone that has been beaten up because of my sexuality, I know physically and mentally how much hatred hurts and Russia is uncaring and brutal in it’s allowance if what I can only describe as gay-bashing on a huge scale.

And what about all of the LGBT teens that would rather end their lives than be subjected to this?

Image by ANTON TUSHIN / Getty Images
Image by ANTON TUSHIN / Getty Images

Unbelievable that this is going on and more unbelievable that nothing is being done about it.

There is an e-petition which you can sign here for petitioning to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics which are to be held in Russia, please sign it – e-petition link

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  1. Glynis says:

    2 different subjects, neither one to do with each other. I am not a royalist but to use the birth of an innocent baby to bring this subject to light is not fair. The baby hasn’t chose his parents, like none of us do. To be fair, I haven’t heard you going on about this on twitter before now really. I saw it on the news a few weeks ago & yes it’s horrible, disgusting & I can’t believe it is happening in 2013.I know what you went through & would be horrified if it had been Tom. I can understand your anger, but the news about the baby is like any “celebrity” We live in a celebrity culture so it would be the same if Justin Beiber died etc…There should be space for all news but as usual we get soaked with the celebrity stuff. Don’t blame the baby, blame the way the news channels flood us with the rubbish they think we want to hear…after all, good news sells the papers & get you watching…bad news, brush it under the carpet, if we can’t see it, it’s not happening…Life stinks sometimes xx

    • TDYLN says:

      I do blame celebrity culture – it angers me that it has been kind of whitewashed with the news of the royal baby – I’m not hating on the baby at all, who would do that? I think it’s because I saw such an overflow of royal baby posts on Twitter and Facebook and then I read this and couldn’t understand why that was not being reported as much, I fear it’s going to get much worse in Russia too 🙁

      • Glynis says:

        I know, It’s awful, makes me sick to think people can do this to another human being in whatever country. You can’t even call them animals as they only hurt or kill another to protect themselves or family. These people are sick & inhuman, I wish there was something I could do, I would give my life to protect anyone from harming my family(and that includes you!) Something needs to be done to try & protect any vulnerable person/groups from theses dregs of society. We have to believe that one day everyone will be equal & that it is only a minority of people who think & act like this. Until then we fight on xx

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