I walked all the way to and from work today, it tired me out but it was worth it, from now on I’ll be doing that, buses are unreliable, expensive and cramped, walking keeps me fit and saves me money (double yay), got my video copier thing refunded, quite a boring day at work…argued with a Chinese woman who wanted a refund on a sandwich toaster that she had used and had for over a month, she was saying it isn’t very good…well for £4.95 you don’t expect hotel standard, do you?

Got home around the same time I usually do if I take the bus, had dinner and then opened my packages from eBay, The Super Mario Bros Game I bought is a pirated fake so I threaten the seller with legal action if I don’t receive a refund, some of the cd’s I bought arrive too (Haddaway & Spice Girls).


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